I favor a mixed methods approach integrating qualitative and quantitative data. In my research projects I collaborate closely with practitioners and partner institutions, seeking both practical solutions and theoretical insights. I am specialised in a design-based research approach (DBR), also known as Educational Design Research (EDR).

My PHD work in the faculty of Education at the Free Universtiy of Bolzano is on media education and narrative learning. The goal of MEKIDS (Media Education with Kids through Interactive Digital Storytelling) is to use digital storytelling to enable children to use digital media creatively and reflect on a variety of subjects. With the help of teachers and students I have developed the “Fantastinomio”, a simple picture-based digital storytelling environment that can be customized by the teacher.

My previous research in the department of Sociology at the University of Trento was on sociomateriality in progressive education settings. I analyzed the interactions between children and unconventional learning materials in alternative environments such as forest schools. Drawing from a variety of sociological theories, I conceptualized objects as sociomaterial learning participants

I focus specifically in these areas:

  • Game-based learning—serious games, proximal development in play, constructionism
  • Narrative learning—sociocultural theories of learning, narrative learning environments, self-storying
  • Interactive digital storytelling—new expressive forms in digital media, electronic literature for children, interactive storytelling systems
  • Inclusive design—Instructional design of educational media, Universal design for learning (UDL)
  • New literacies studies—literacies as social practices, literacy beyond print, multimodal meaning-making
  • STS in Education —sociological perspectives on educational technology and digital governance, socio-materiality, actor-network theory (ANT)

Selected Publications

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Published Papers
  • Deister, F. L., Garzetti, M., & Schlauch, M. (2022). Conjecture maps in practice: Planning, conducting and assessing educational design research. Bildungsforschung, (2). doi:10.25539/bildungsforschung.v0i2.893
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